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5 interview tips to win you your dream job

by Fadare Babawale - 28 December 2020 241 Views


Interviews for job applicants seem to be a very challenging task to overcome. It has also been a very efficient tool over the years for organizations and recruitment teams for evaluating candidates to determine if they are fit for a job. Below is a discussion on important tips to put into consideration as a job applicant to assist you in getting jobs. They are the fundamentals expected of you from managers or recruitment teams.


Recruiters during interviews are on the watch to see if you have the ability to communicate your thoughts, emotions, stories, and experiences to them. If you can relay, describe, and articulate how you are a fit for the job and what you can do for the organization. It is not about answering questions but also takes into consideration the way you answer, the way you deliver your responses, and how you present yourself. The key to communicating effectively in interviews is simply understanding the right strategy on how to answer ahead of time and as well as practicing those answers before the interview.


The energy in this context encompasses a lot of things. It could be your physical energy level and the kind of attitude you display. You must give positive energy that is personable and friendly rather than displaying energy that represents nervousness, fear, stress, depression, and passiveness. Always be aware of your energy level before an interview because the way you present yourself to recruiters contributes to your chances of getting the job. This is an additional bonus to the qualifications you have presented on paper. Before an interview, endeavor to be in a comfortable mood and energy as it would determine the outcome of the interview. You do not want to go into an interview moody because you want your presence to be felt. Learn to put yourself in comfortable energy and present yourself with full confidence in front of your recruiters.


Understand that your recruiters are looking out for traits in potential employees to know the right fit for their company and culture. Fit in this context means how well a match you are for the team, department, and the company that you are applying for. There are various ways to evaluate “fit” in this situation;

Fit for the job: in this situation, they are looking at the personnel and the skills possessed if it compensates the job description. For instance, if the job description seeks to employ a sales rep or manager the recruitment team would be looking at traits like communication skills, ability to convince people to buy into your idea, interpersonal relations ETC. As an applicant, you should research the job description and understand behavioral traits associated with such positions and train yourself ahead of time to fit into that position.

Company overall fit: here, you are looking to understand what the company values entail. You can take a critical look at their website, photos, social media accounts. Look at things that are peculiar to the company and their ways of behavior and see the caliber of employees they have. Also, take into consideration how you can help them improve based on your observations. The final component of fit is;

Ability to connect with Managers and Recruiters: you should able to connect in your interactions with your recruiter. You should be able to understand them and they should be able to understand you as well.


Recruiters want to know that you can do the job and deliver. There are certain skills, workload, tasks to be completed as required by the job, and as a potential employee to fill the space you need to show in the interview that you are valuable and can add value to the company.

Experience is a common issue among job seekers. Most people do not have experience in the field they are seeking to be employed and recruiters most times do look out for experience in the field. However, if you get called for an interview with or without experience you must be able to demonstrate your value in the interview. As an applicant, you should be able to demonstrate that your knowledge, skill sets, and available experience are applicable and valuable to the job.


Recruiters would assess your all-round performance during the interview and try to agree within themselves if you genuinely want the job. There is nothing worse than a candidate who shows up to an interview and shows that he or she is not interested in the position. If you are not interested in the job, do not bother going for the interview. On the contrary, if you want to be there, make sure you make them feel that you genuinely want the job. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and excitement for the job professionally and naturally. The more you show that you intentionally want to add value to the team the more convinced the recruiter would feel you are a fit for the company and team.

In summary, before any interview, always take time to research about the organization and gather enough information and relate them to the points discussed above so that you can be well equipped physically and mentally ahead of your interview. 

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