Home Sports A tricky Premier League season: The huge factor for Lampard's fall

A tricky Premier League season: The huge factor for Lampard's fall

by Tobi Promise - 22 January 2021 218 Views

A tricky Premier League season: The  huge factor for Lampard's fall

After shopping six first-team players in the summer, high expectations like 'title contenders' were set. Early signals of a worrying season were when the​ Premier League announced just two weeks for pre-season, a preparation that will take at least one month in a normal season. This painted the season unhandy -- not for Chelsea alone, but for every other ambitious team.

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Had it been another year, the title contenders would have been known by now. But the situation left luck lurking around towards whomever it liked, it became the central operator, almost every result and moment are defined by it. Timo Werner appears waffling when presented an opportunity to score, even with the right technique at the closest yard to the goal he would still find the row Z. Maybe that could be said about all Chelsea players, that this season is too strange for them to handle -- and lift some blame off Frank Lampard.

The harsh Lampard's critics need to learn. The first question to answer is if the time he has to build a winning team is enough. The time needed to achieve familiarity and understanding among the squad; the time needed to make key signings adapt to the Premier League in its strange form -- are all these given? Most people forget this is his second season.

"But he spent 200 million Euros," a claim suggesting that the big investment accelerated his duration. But with that logic, Manchester United's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should have been dismissed ago; who, according to, spent a total of 310.28 million Euros since his appointment and yet zero trophies to report. If someone in Chelsea's neighbourhood who started building before her knows of patience while building, why shouldn't Chelsea too wait?  

Chelsea should sacrifice their thirst of trophies for culture

Chelsea should know or remember that whatever decision they make about Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba and many other legends are earnestly watching, to decide whether to return and serve the club. It happened to Barcelona; from club legend Pep Guardiola lamenting zero support from the board to Patrick Kluivert denying Victor Valdes attempt to call-up a player from the Youth B team and then fire him for protesting -- all presumably led to Xavi Hernandez's hesitation to return to his dream club.

If Chelsea had a single slot of favour in their locker, it should be given to their All-time highest goalscorer who also was a big influence in most of their successes. 

The unthoughtfulness of this can hurt the Club's culture. A new image of a money-making institution will emerge. They will lose their values, which was why the people followed them. 

If Chelsea can't give Lampard the time, then who?; no other person can have a building time at the club with that administration. If they don't build now, then when? If they can't trust such a great club model to help them build they will keep patching holes, finding quick fixes in several managers hence creating an unbalanced squad, leaving the badge with zero style. That's not a club people want to cheer, fans lost.

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