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Bundesliga Tax: Is Lewandowski Worthwhile?

by Tobi Promise - 29 March 2021 1040 Views

Bundesliga Tax: Is Lewandowski Worthwhile?

I came across an argument— Lewandownski versus Suarez. And someone in his attempt to support Suarez said “Lewandowski did it in the Bundesliga”. It’s a line I want to read meaning to, not in the context of Suarez vs Lewandowski, but trying to weigh if the league a player plays in diminishes his talent.   

After one or two names of current world best players, you should have Robert Lewandowski next. In fact currently in the world he comes before those mighty Messi & Ronaldo names. That tells his level in the past two years, an award to many years of consistent top performances.

It started from those days he toiled to find his feet in Jürgen Klopp’s Dortmund. It was a tough roadblock for him, he was struggling to cope with a new working intensity that looks like a punishment. In his first months at the club, Klopp left him out of his first team talks on purpose. Klopp would even go on to bet 50 Euros if he scores 10 goals in training. Nevertheless, he paid the price of what became the decider for what he’s going to become in the following period of seven years.

A superstar, a Champions League winner, the FIFA Best Men Player of the year 2020.  A jovial personality with goalscoring addiction. The Tik-Tok celebrity; you will find his video of him and his wife holding a mug in their kitchen rolling their waists to a trending tune. He is a savage, just as when he tweeted “I have to confess, I’m addicted to scoring goals” after scoring FOUR goals in 15 minutes in the Champions League. Albeit it was the Champions League, that tweet threw jabs at the Bundesliga clubs. Apparently, he is a likable character and a great footballer.

But the likable guy isn’t without people who make small of his successes, or points igniting them to do so. The fact that he scores very well is unshakable, but the question of “against who?” makes sense to the football fans. In the game are levels of competition, from the easy ground to the tough top. Top players are classed for their unwavering efforts at the tough top. When they find themselves in a low competitive league, they leave. Not many watch those leagues by the way. But it isn’t the case for Lewandowski. 

So let me write about the low quality in defensive scenarios from some Bundesliga players. The main difference between the easy ground and the tough top is that the former offers more chances of success while the latter doesn’t. Kai Havertz admitted this in his first days at London, ”the premier league is much tougher than the Bundesliga” to the Evening Standard.

What this point sells is; ‘Everyone can score goals where defenders give spaces”.   

However, there is still one tough top competition to consider; the UEFA Champions League, the most prestigious club competition in the world. How did he fair? He is the fourth all-time highest goal scorer in its history. He spearheaded his team to the competition’s success in 2020.

I believe the truth is, Lewadowski is a top striker and should not be belittled by any of these smoke points. He is capable, he has the ability, and he has the momentum to do it day after day. If you put him in a tougher league, fact says he will deliver. Because he has done it before, and he still does it. I should add that the Bundesliga is not the bottom of Europe's top five leagues.

I will conclude that Lewandowski is a global talent that the praises he’s getting now must be taken in the way we did for Messi and Ronaldo.

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