Home Health Known as the leading cause of miscarriages: What to know about the Rhesus factor in 500 words

Known as the leading cause of miscarriages: What to know about the Rhesus factor in 500 words

by Billyhadiat Taofeeqoh Adeola - 05 February 2021 455 Views

Known as the leading cause of miscarriages: What to know about the Rhesus factor in 500 words

Have you seen or heard instances where a couple will be in a childless marriage for years after several miscarriages or stillbirths and other complications and  when they later leave each other to marry different people entirely , they will have babies? healthy ones?

Yes, that could be the Rhesus factor. Unfortunately, people do not know how important rhesus factor compatibility is. Some people do not even know what it is and it is sad.


Rhesus factor compatibility is as important as genotype compatibility. So before getting married to that guy or girl who lightens up your world, do a genotype test and a Rhesus factor test. It's very important.

What is the Rhesus factor and why is it important?

The Rhesus factor, or Rh factor, is a certain type of protein found on the outside of blood cells.  When a person is Rh -Positive, it means they have the protein and when they do not have the protein , it means they are Rh- Negative.

What is Rhesus factor incompatibility and how does it cause miscarriages,  stillbirths and other complications? 

Rh incompatibility occurs when a woman who is Rh- negative gets married to a man who is Rh -positive and the woman who is Rh-negative becomes pregnant with a baby who is  Rh-positive. (When a man is Rh- positive, there's a high chance that the baby will be Rh- positive, too. ) 

With Rh incompatibility, the woman’s immune system reacts and creates antibodies. These antibodies help drive an immune system attack against the baby, which the mother’s body views as a threat or unfamiliar object or an alien object.  Let's just say the Rhesus factor is an angry racist woman who messes with anyone who looks different from her. And this is why it's important to do a rhesus factor compatibility test. 

The rhesus factor is an important characteristic of blood cells. A Rhesus factor compatibility test helps us determine whether the blood of two different people is compatible when mixed – such as the blood of a mother and her baby at birth. If they have different blood group characteristics, it may cause problems. 

But what if you are already married to the love of your entire life  or you are about to get married to the love of your entire life and after reading this write up about Rhesus factor, you decide to do a Rhesus factor compatibility test and you realize you both are incompatible. What would you do? Do not panic and do not break because  "Here is another what if."


First of all, understand that  it's not bad to be Rh-positive or Rh- negative, it's not a death sentence and  it won't have any effect on your general health. 

Secondly, if you and your partner are not compatible, in order to prevent the formation of Rh antibodies that will cause a miscarriage  when your baby's blood mixes with yours during pregnancy, you can always get an injection of RhoGAM (Rh immunoglobulin or RhIg). This injection contains antibodies that will attach to any Rh-positive cells. This prevents you from developing your own antibodies that can cause problems in future pregnancies or transfusions.

So, be rest assured because many women who are Rh-negative have gone on to have full-time pregnancies and healthy babies.

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