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Poem| Photoshopped

by Oluwaseyi Olatunji - 31 December 2020 128 Views


First I heard was: happening right now in Ughelli...

Fists pumped smoothly on the streets of Lagos,

Folks marched tirelessly in Abuja.

Our people from other branches; in and outside

the country chanted against the virus.

Forty-seven of us slept in tents

Outside the grim reapers' gate.

We filled the streets, traffic jammed our phones,

We got UnI-ted; shared a name and a purse.

And we lost soldiers each day,

Onlookers were not spared by the oppressors.

Thirteen days we dwelled at the tax shop;

Chanting, raising our spirits, doing well!

Till the sons of perdition removed the cams,

Shut the screen, turned off the street lamps.

Their emissaries came in the dark,

Announcing their message in bullets.

We raised the flag,

Our anthem we sang,

We all cried,

And many died.

In our mourning, they came and said,


What a relief!

The old man talked for twelve minutes,

But he forgot to mention us.

We have a thousand clips, pictures of the gory,

Some brave HERos LIVEd through it.

We still can't sleep without jerking,

Our therapists won't stop sniffling.

We'll always remember THEM,


Oluwaseyi Olátúnjí has a BA in English and Literary Studies from the Ekiti State University. 

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