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#TuChelsea: A new Coach for Chelsea, what next?

by Tobi Promise - 28 January 2021 237 Views

#TuChelsea: A new Coach for Chelsea, what next?

After what started on an exciting note of Frank Lampard's 18 months job of being Chelsea's gaffer, the club parted ways with the club legend, following a spell of losses. With Lampard's pedigree at the Chelsea Football Club, it was hard, as the board claimed, on them to part ways with him. But results were not coming in after heavy spending during the last transfer window, with young talents like Werner, Havertz, Ziyech coming into the team. From a topper, Chelsea degenerated into the 8th position, with the top of the table club, Manchester City, clear off with 11 points with an outstanding match. This spelt doom for Lampard's career as the coach of his favourite club. And the doom came after the Blues beat Luton Town to book the next round of the FA cup.

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Coaches from different leagues addressed the unexpected, 'disappointing' sack of Lampard. Pep Guardiola, Manchester City Manager, when asked at a news conference said in reaction to Lampard's sack: ‘The people talk about projects and ideas but it doesn’t exist. You have to win, if not, you will be sacked. I respect the decision from Chelsea, of course, but a huge hug for Frank and hopefully I can see him soon. When the lockdown will be over I can go to the restaurant to see him again.’ 

Former England player and club mate to Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, described the sack as 'brutal' and hasty as he believed his former teammate deserved more time. Speaking on his Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE YouTube channel, the former England defender said: 'I don't think he'll be surprised. He's an intelligent fella. He would have understood the remit when he walked through that door and he would've seen people like Carlo Ancelotti – who has the third-highest win rate in Premier League history behind Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson – get the sack a year after winning the league. So he's not going in there thinking he's going to have loads of time but I think he would have expected maybe a bit more time, given they had the transfer embargo when he went in there.'

Lampard will be the tenth manager sacked during the Abrahamovic era. As it is believed, coaches' expertise is imperative to the success of their teams and the players consequently. Lampard should be lauded for bringing in new talents which the new Coach, Thomas Tuchel will be working with. Also, discovering and giving the young academy player quality playing time is worth the while. Tammy Abraham, Billy Gilmour, Mason Mount, Hudson-Odoi should be forever grateful to him. While there's a coach, what next for Chelsea? Will Tuchel keep his job?

According to the Director, Marina Granovskaia, "there is still much to play for and achieve this season". More may mean anything due to the awkwardness of the Premier League this season, Chelsea truly sit 8th at the table but with just five points away from 4th placed West Ham United and hypothetically fourteen points difference from the league toppers Manchester City. So, 'more to achieve' may mean; top four finish, League winners, or even Champions League winners — depends on how Tuchel and the squad paint the approaching picture.

Approvingly, with just a training session, and within 24 hours of his appointment where he managed his first Chelsea match against Wolves — his blueprint was apparent. He released a fresh breath of tactical ideas to the players, a relief to Lampard's 'express yourself' motto. Some of the players complained that Lampard never told them how to play on the pitch, he came around and said 'just go out there and express yourself'. Tuchel is a different man, he has loads of ideas in his skull implemented at his previous clubs. He monitored sleep patterns of players, he has a diet plan, invested heavily in the analytics department.

But it's one thing to have these ideas at the start, it's another to have them moving. The question of 'will Tuchel keep his job? will be decided by his new innovations of ideas. When you want to be the brain behind how your team plays, you have to renew your thoughts as each day passes. The Premier League will expose an expired idea at the slightest opportunity, Chelsea will sack a manager in poor form at the slightest opportunity. He needs to keep refreshing ideas that build success to his players for long-term success in the country, and win every match. That's impossible, the truth is, Chelsea want another short-term success from his talent, and it is only normal to see him leave in a year to three.

Tuchel is a control freak, he wants to lead every department of the club, he wants to be seen as the man in charge. He forced Mainz to terminate his contract when he sensed there will be no larger funds for transfer. He was fired at Dortmund three days after winning his first ever trophy in management for publicly criticizing his CEO and club stalwarts. At PSG, he was sacked, again not for footballing reasons, for falling out with sporting director Leonardo. Someone of this personality, with Marina who has also fought with every Chelsea manager since Jose Mourinho — will be a wholesome drama. And when you fight Marina, you've fought Roman. This is another factor that'll decide his longevity. 

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