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Understanding life through tragedy

by Waliyullah Tunde Abimbola - 12 November 2020 251 Views

Understanding life through tragedy

"And since it is apparent that tragedy dominates life, why not embrace it? Comedy is what we all want in our lives, but tragedy is what we mostly get"

Comedy and Tragedy are two bipolar parts of life. People identify, naturally, with Comedy. Because that is when good things happen and hearts are full of joy. This makes people abhor the other part—Tragedy. It is this preference that they carry when they choose the films they watch and the books they read. However, there is a small fraction of people who prefer tragic plays and books to comic ones. Books and Plays, as I wrote, and not in real life. 

This fraction of people does not just favour tragedy over comedy because they're sadists or perverts; It is the people who prefer tragedy to comedy in real life who are perverts. Like the majority, they also love to laugh and forget their plenty of worries. But the reader should accede that the tragic parts of life domineer over the comic part. It is hard to find a full day of uninterrupted happiness in any given person's life. Like Stephen King said in his novel, Pet Sematary, it might be that there is less than a month of really happy days in any natural man’s life in the best of circumstances.

There may be people whose lives are exempted from the common causes of worry ; money, health issues, marital problems e.t.c. Still, we will all agree that Death is enough cause of despair for every soul that hasn't tasted it yet. You may refuse to bother yourself reflecting on your problems but they are there. As constant as the Northern star. All it takes is a little trigger and you'll inadvertently put on your thinking cap. 

Comedy has its own advantage. It relieves our minds from the worries present in reality. At least for some time. But to completely shun the other genre, in a yellow-bellied bid to protect oneself from grief which is ironically ever present in life, is not good enough. There's a saying, "Running away from your problems won't solve them." That was what came into my head sometime ago when I was tired of listening to the daily reports of bad news. Kidnappings, Murder, Terrorism et cetera. I had started avoiding such reports. But after my retrospection, I embraced them. 

Here's what I reasoned out. 

To understand life, we need to study it just like we study every other discipline. And since it is apparent that tragedy dominates life, why not embrace it? Comedy is what we all want in our lives, but tragedy is what we mostly get. It is a truism that the larger percentage of the world is poor. What tragedy is more profound than poverty?  That, among other examples, is why I started having a preference for tragic books and movies. 

Of course, once in a while, we may pick up a book with a comic ending or better still, a farcical book to drown our worries for some time. But, we must not  let our minds be too engrossed in the fictional bliss in the books. That will only make it harder for us to accept stark reality. 

One of the topmost reasons for failure in contemporary marriages is disappointment on the part of ladies. They watch  movies where a lot of bling is used, and perfection is far from reality. They read romantic books where everything is love, kisses, caresses and happily ever afters. So they hope that they could have such a life too. When they get married, they soon discover that it is not that easy. So they pressurize the husband till either spouse can't take it anymore and the marriage falls apart. I don't know if you noticed. This plane is about to land. Just one more point. 

From tragedies, we get to learn from the flaws and downfalls of fictional characters. The one who falls into a ditch serves as a lesson for the others. That way, we won't make the same mistakes the characters made. 

Embrace tragedy. Embrace the truth. 

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